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Evolution & the Social Sciences

This short discussion attempts to illustrate that the Western perception of nature (and concomitantly “human nature”) has developed through a dialectical interplay of social and natural scientific observations: Malthus’s work of political economy would influence and reinforce Darwin’s hard-scientific theory of evolution through natural selection. In turn, Darwin’s work gave legitimacy to Malthusian and “social Darwinist” theories in the social sciences.

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August Update

Things are starting to come together! We’re working on getting older content migrated into this domain and putting the finishing touches on some new content. For now, please check these pages out: About/Perspective — Outlines the orientation of this blog, along with some brief thoughts about social ecology. Peter Kropotkin —

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Expropriation by Peter Kropotkin (1886)

No Social problem is more important for Revolutionists than that which deals with the expropriation of the rich in favour of the people, and the appropriation of all wealth by the latter. We invite all our comrades to study this problem under all its aspects, and to discuss it unceasingly, in view of its realization, which must sooner or later force itself upon us, as the definite success or temporary failure of the Revolution depends upon the manner in which this expropriation is applied.

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