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August Update

Things are starting to come together! We’re working on getting older content migrated into this domain and putting the finishing touches on some new content. For now, please check these pages out:

About/Perspective — Outlines the orientation of this blog, along with some brief thoughts about social ecology.

Peter Kropotkin — What makes this section cool is that, while Kropotkin and his work are largely well-known and available online, primary digitized sources are rare. We have obtained some digitized versions of essays by Kropotkin, have transcribed them into Internet-readable text, as well as provided the original version in PDF form to guarantee accuracy and provide context. These are truly authoritative reference editions!

Esperanto — is radical and awesome! It’s easy to learn, with lots of free resources online. Esperanto has the potential to foster a truly international revolutionary movement and community. Through a common second language, information can be shared, actions coordinated, and understanding across nations and languages becomes possible. Not only that, it’s fun to practice! Not only thaaat, it has quite a radical history in its own right!

Building Community

One of the primary goals of this site is to spread and share information, as well as develop community both online and off. One of the ways we’re facilitating this is through the use of the annotation tool, which is free and open source. Using this tool allows readers to highlight and annotate any text on a page. We hope that this will not only facilitate a community around Better Worlds, Brighter Futures, but result in more focused and higher quality discussion. Better Worlds, Brighter Futures has no affiliation with other than thinking it is a good way to foster visitor interaction.

Readers are encouraged to contact us and start a correspondence!

Stay tuned for both older and newer content. Older posts will be back-posted to their original Internet publication dates.

We will also be starting semi-regular content, as well as update our Facebook page. Please “like” and “follow” the FB page to receive updates. However, that page is meant to pull readers away from proprietary social networks and content systems. Our WordPress blog at this betterworldsblog domain will always be the focal point of our project.

In struggle for Better Worlds!

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